Little Rules: One-Man-Death-Company – a little rule for Deathwatch

“What’s the point of playing a Blood Angel if you do not get to go out in a blaze of vision fuelled vampiric berserker fury?”

If a Blood Angel character gives in to the Black Rage, the level of his Unnatural Strength and Toughness Traits are both increased by the level of the Primarch’s Curse he is suffering from. E.g., a Blood Angel with 73 Insanity Points who gives in to the Black Rage would possess Unnatural Strength (x4) and Unnatural Toughness (x4) – x2 due to his Space Marine implants and another x2 for the level of the Primarch’s Curse he has attained due to his accumulated Insanity Points.

After letting himself be overcome by the Black Rage in this manner, the character is removed from play, either burning out in his uncontrollable grief and rage or quietly collected by his chapter.

Little Rules are these tiny bits and pieces that just seem to creep up naturally as a game goes on and players dive in. Not the big changes or additions, the little ones.

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