Every Krawl a Bunker – not a step back in The Red Star

Not yielding an inch to RPGaDay!

Red Fleet doctrine calls for heavily damaged and imobilized krawls to be turned into bunkers by their crews to continue fighting from them.

Shutting down the main engines and jettisoning remaining fuel takes a full round action. It renders the krawl unable to move or perform maneouvres, but restores half its hit points.

If the ammunition of the forward cannon is ejected as well (taking another two full round actions), three quarters of its hit points are restored instead.

The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.
The Red Star und alle verwandten Charaktere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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