It Won’t Do to Dream of Caramel

Schokolade, Vanille, Karamel
Setup for a month of wringing RPG thoughts and materials from “chocolate, vanilla, caramel” as an associative starting point.

First general associations:

  • Ice cream, desserts, sweets – in the game, at the table
  • Spices
  • Skin colour, racism
  • Alignments
  • Colours, uniform colours

Some more specific ones that came along, unbidden:

  • Sugary adept schools for Unknown Armies, drawing magical patterns on cappuccino with chocolate powder, battling the corn syrup conspiracy
  • A TDE adventure for a group comprising only of confectioners
  • Exotic sweets from a T’skrang merchant’s stall
  • Poseidon vanilla – a spice plant for Blue Planet

Chocolate Notes

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