Interdimensional Emporium of Fantastic Footwear: Oath Shoes – a shoe for Earthdawn

Fantastische Schuhe
Day 20: Earthdawn

Oath Shoes
This lesser known blood oath is sworn by two namegivers who want to together reach a particular destination. The blood for the oath is drawn from the oathtakers feet and dripped into their shoes – the blood of the one going into the shoe of the other. The blood oath causes 2 points of Blood Magic Damage which can only be healed after reaching the sworn destination. If the destination is not reached within a year and a day, the damage becomes permanent the oathbreaker’s movement rate is premanently reduced by 1. While travelling under the oath, the oathtakers receive a +1 step bonus on Toughness tests to deal with travel hazards (including fatigue due to forced marching).

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