Gameta and Lieutenant Commander Franceskina Nagel – ships and captains for Unknown Mobile Suit


The Gameta is a Zeonic Musai-class light cruiser. The vessel was heavily damaged during Operation British and during the following battle of Loum. She was repaired with the completely destroyed A and C turrets being removed, while the damaged B turret was replaced by one carrying the heavier and longer ranged mainguns seen in the Valkyrie-subclass.

…and captains

Lieutenant Commander Franceskina Nagel
The 35 years old lieutenant commander Nagel returned to active service when national mobilization was declared prior to the outbreak of war, after having commanded civilian freighters for the last five years.

Obsession: Damage Control
Rage: Slovenliness
Fear: Overlooking Something (Identity)
Noble: Shipwreck

Violence: 8 hardened, 2 failed
Incomprehension: 1 hardened, 0 failed
Helplessness: 7 hardened, 3 failed
Isolation: 6 hardened, 0 failed
Self: 3 hardened, 0 failed

Skipper 50% (Substitutes for: Pursuit, Features: Substitutes for Status, substitutes for Knowledge)
Safety Fanatic 70%* (Substitutes for: Notice, Features: substitutes for Dodge, Resists Helplessness)

Gameta 30% (Protégé)
Lieutenant Sigmar Lafayette 50% (Rival)
Amanda Savage 60% (Guru)

Wound threshold: 50

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