Veteran – a new martial archetype for D&D


Martial Archetype – Veteran

Either actually old or just scarred – and wise – beyond her years by her experiences, the veteran has seen it all and lived to tell of it.

Warrior’s Tales
Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you may use Bardic Inspiration as a Bard of 1st level.

Picked Up a Trick or Two
Starting at the 7th level, you can choose either any one feat for which you meet the prerequisites or a second option from the Fighting Style class feature.

Been There, Done That
Starting at 10th level, you can add half your proficiency bonus (round up) to any Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma check you make that doesn’t already use your proficiency bonus.

Combat Reflexes
Starting at 15th level, you are never surprised and gain advantage on all initiative checks.

Practical Advice
Starting at the 18th level, you may use a reaction to grant advantage to one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you to any one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw which you yourself are proficient with.


  1. Danke für den Beitrag zum Karneval! Den Archetypen kann man ja auch für Pathfinder nehmen 😉


    1. Immer gerne.

      Wie würdest du ihn denn für Pathfinder anpassen?


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