No Cause, Ten Effects

10 Dinge zum 10.
Roll 1d10 for characters who become unstuck from reality, losing their grounding in space and time and cause and effect. Perhaps they angered the gods, perhaps they passed through a warpstorm, perhaps they suffered a paradox backlash, perhaps the cause has not even happened (yet), perhaps there simply is no cause. No cause, only effects. Roll a d10.

  1. You are out of synch with time. When you are surprised, you surprise any characters who would normally have surprised you. This does not negate your own surprise afterwards.
  2. You age backwards.
  3. The next time you take damage, the damage is applied normally, but you do not suffer any associated effects (including death).
  4. If you walk (or run, for that matter), you do not move from the spot.
  5. When you make a roll, the result (not the actual roll, but its final result such as success or failure) is the same as the last roll you made (e.g., if you just successfully hit someone over the head, you will successfully jump over the chasm; if you recently failed at deciphering an ancient tome, you will fail to sneak past the sleeping guard). You still have to make the roll, as otherwise the next result could not be carried forward.
  6. You gain experience.
  7. When you speak, you cannot be heard.
  8. The next you miss a target, it takes damage as from a critical hit.
  9. From now on, whenever you take a re-roll, make a new roll on this table as well.
  10. You are dead, but reality has not yet caught up to the fact. The next time you need to make a roll in a non-combat, not immediately life-threatening situation, you peel apart, fragments scattering everywhere.

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