Inquisitorial Bonded Courier – an alternate career rank for Dark Heresy

In the service of the Emperor’s Most Holy Inquisition there are those who serve by the strength of their arms, the sureness of their hands, or the purity of their faith. Those who cleanse and eradicate the mutant, the witch, and the alien, and stomp out their evil and the taint of those who surround.

But what use are bullet, and blade, and psychic might without directions? Without orders? Without communication?

What use a body without a head? Then again, what use a head without a body? And what use head and body without the cords of nerves to go between? Without the conduits of man’s divine will, making the body do as the head pleases?

For the inquisitorial body with its million of acolyte hands, its storm trooper arms, its artificer legs, and crowned by its Inquisitor head with its Throne Agent senses the bonded courier is that go between. It is him who acts as that vital net of nerves, carrying orders from the head to the body, feeding back the sensation of contact with the unknown, telling of the loss of limb and the trauma of amputation.

Bonded couriers are trusted agents who provide a direct link from an Inquisitor’s inner cadre to his far flung network of acolytes. They ferry information from the cells to the cadre and orders from the cadre to the cells, without recourse to the fickleness of astropathic communication or easily overheard vox relays. Their calling is not to confront the enemy or to root him out, it is to get the message of his presence to those who must know of it. Couriers are thus selected from those acolytes who know when to run and are known to run fast. Administratum runners and Voider smugglers, commercial pilots and hive pickpockets, they are the stock from which an Inquisitor may in time draft his messengers.

Required Career: Adept or Scum
Alternate Rank: 4 or higher
Other Requirements: You must possess the Sprint and Unremarkable talents and be trained in at least one Drive or Pilot skill. Furthermore, you can only take this alternate rank if your Inquisitor or one of the Throne Agents of his inner cadre singles you out for this duty.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Acrobatics 100 S
Awareness +20 100 S Awareness +10
Ciphers (Acolyte) 100 S
Ciphers (Inquisition) 100 S
Climb 100 S
Contortionist 100 S
Dodge 100 S
Dodge +10 100 S Dodge
Navigation (Surface) 100 S
Secret Tongue (Acolyte) 100 S
Silent Move 100 S
Sleight of Hand 100 S
Sleight of Hand +10 100 S Sleight of Hand
Wrangling 100 S
Catfall 100 T Ag 30
Chem Geld 100 T
Concealed Cavity* 100 T
Hard Target 100 T Ag 40
Leap Up 100 T Ag 30
Lightning Reflexes 100 T
Orthoproxy 100 T
Paranoia 100 T
Step Aside 100 T Ag 40, Dodge
Total Recall 100 T Int 30
Pilot (Military Craft) 200 S
Secret Tongue (Administratum) 200 S
Secret Tongue (Ecclesiarchy) 200 S
Secret Tongue (Military) 200 S
Hip Shooting 200 T BS 40, Ag 40
Rapid Reaction 200 T Ag 40

* You may take this Talent up to three times at this rank. If you are searched, only one cavity is detected per degree of success of the searcher.

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