Circle of Claws – a new druid circle for D&D

Circle of the Elephant

Druid Circle: Circle of Claws

The Circle of Claws teaches its members to channel the strength of beasts into their body.

Partial Transformation
When you choose this path, starting at the 2nd level, whenever you perform a Wild Shape, you may perform a Partial Transformation instead.
While partially transformed you gain the Speed, Senses, and Special Traits of the beast whose shape you are assuming. However, your other game statistics stay identical. You can only shape into beasts you could also fully transform into and you are still able to cast spells. Your transformation lasts as long as a full transformation would and your equipment functions as normal but might magically adapt to your new form.
Whenever a Special Trait you acquire refers to an attack with hooves, claws or any other thing, you threat these as attacks as unarmed strikes.

Claws and Teeth
At 2nd level, your unarmed strikes deal d4 slashing damage. In addition, whenever you perform an unarmed strike and you are holding no weapons or shields in either hand, you may perform a second unarmed strike as a bonus action.

Extra Attack
Beginning at 6th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take an attack action.

Piercing Strikes
At 10th level, your unarmed strikes deal d6 slashing damage and ignore resistances.

Combat Prowess
By 14th level, you have +1 AC while holding no weapons or shields in either hand. In addition, you have advantage on saving throws to hold concentration.

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