8th Guards Krawl Army – a Red Fleet formation for The Red Star

At the time of the Battle of Kar Dathra’s Gate, the 8th Guards Krawl Army, stationed in the VIR (the Eastern Volksreich), consisted of the following:

  • Army Headquarters
  • Skyfurnace Kurgan
  • 62nd Overstriker Flotilla
  • 64th Overstriker Flotilla
  • 115th Support Flotilla
  • 270th Security Regiment
  • 794th Separate Spetsnaz Company
  • 102nd Infokast Center
  • 6th Guards Krawl Division
  • 23rd Guards Krawl Division
  • 79th Guards Krawl Division
  • 27th Guards Infantry Division
  • 11th Separate Guards Heavy Assault Regiment
  • 499th Guards Artillery Brigade
  • 83rd Guards Rocket Brigade
  • 18th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade
  • 223rd Stratospheric Artillery Brigade
  • 20th Separate Krawl Destroyer Battalion
  • 92nd Separate Protocol Assault Battalion
  • 149th Combat Sorcery Brigade
  • 160th Separate Combat Sorcery Batallion
  • 214th Separate Combat Sorcery Batallion
  • 64th Separate Signal Regiment
  • 464th Separate Signal Battalion
  • 914th Separate Signal Battalion
  • 91st Separate Infokast Battalion
  • 678th Separate Infokast Battalion
  • 235th Separate Engineer Battalion
  • 7th Engineer Sorcery Battalion
  • 122nd Separate Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 431st Separate NBCP Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 116th Supply Brigade
  • 173rd Separate Maintenance and Recovery Battalion
  • 227nd Separate Maintenance and Recovery Battalion
  • 202nd Separate Supply Sorcery Battalion
  • 8th Separate Frontal Aviation Regiment
  • 363rd Separate Helicopter Regiment

The artwork is taken from the The Sword of Lies wallpapers and was used with kind permission of Christian Gossett.

The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.
Die Grafik stammt aus den Wallpapers zu Schwert der Lügen und wurde mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Christian Gossett verwendet.
The Red Star und alle verwandten Charactere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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