Eljo – an artificical Engel for CthulhuTech


Most Engels are massive in size, even the smallest rivaling standard main battle mecha. The smallest – with the exception of the Eljo.


Type: Tactical Urban Combat Engel
Size: Small (16′ tall)

The Eljo is a dedicated urban combat Engel. Its organic components are completely almost hidden behind sleek, rounded armor segments and together with its small size – for an Engel – this helps in putting the civilian population at ease around the dangerous predatory war machines. Only just before striking, do the armored panels slide back to allow acid spittle to rain upon foes or rows of razorsharp teeth to clamp shut around their victims.

Though, the main use of both armor and limited size is to offer enhanced protection during the often punishing close quarters fighting in heavily built-up areas and to allow the Eljo a degree of freedom of movement not enjoyed by larger units in such enviornments.

Control Response (Agility) +1
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 4
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) +1
Warning Systems (Reflex) 0

Sensory Systems
Broadband Audio

Support Systems
Heat Resistance
Life Support
Manipulator Arms

Ground Speed: 60 mph (144/36 ypt)
Air/Water Speed: 60 mph (144/36 ypt)
Acceleration Code: C [2/2]
Jumping Distance: Double (10/4)
Enhanced A-Pod Speed (Double)
Enhanced Land Speed (Double)

Integrity 10
Armor 2/2
Damage Control Systems 1/turn
Regeneration 1/turn
(Total Recovery 2/turn)

Weapon Systems
Acid Spray (Small)
Flamethrower (Small)
Teeth (Small)

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