Editorial: Writers block

Editorial OctoberHooray, it's Saturday night and I am sitting here I'm trying to pull the topic for an editorial of my head. Ideas, I have plenty, but nothing want to be written. Do you know that feeling?

Sometimes our head is at the same time full of content and yet unable to let it out. We have spent so much time thinking about an idea or a project that it feels like it is finished. All the details have been thought about, all the plans have been made. Then you realize that the fun, creative part is somewhat over and you are still left with all the work to do. Or you could say the project is finished and someone has to write it, but why should it be you ?

To solve that problem or at least alleviate it, I have been playing around with the voice recognition software Dragon on my iPad. Suffice to say that, while this helps it still is not a solution to the problem at hand. Still, while the results leave something to be desired, it is a beginning.

For example this text has been completely written with Dragon (English and German version) using a headset and an iPadin about 45 minutes plus a few minutes for postediting. That's not too bad. Manual writing might be a bit faster, but I kept walking around while writing and that certainly helped the thoughts floating a bit faster.

At least for prototyping, its a nice method, also, it can be done while you take a walk, work out or do something else away from the keyboard. After a while, I will get used to the precise speaking necessary, including pronouncing the punctuation literally. So, for the time being, as long as I do not have a speakers block, I will be able to continue writing at least at this slower pace.

And now, without further ado, we will get to next week's articles.

On Monday, Yandere will present the first article in a series of new classes for D20 Modern – the Warrior.

On Thursday we will continue or Red October Theme month with another article for Red Star: Hydra Variants – in which Blut_und_Glas introduces several variants of the versatile Hydra Crawl.

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