Editorial: The tech monkey chats

EditorialYou see I don’t get that many emails and each and every one of them, bears its own joy and memory for me. So last week, I get this nifty mail, smelling of lilac and when I open it, my email-program yells at me: »Write the next damn editorial, techmonkey, or else…« So I do what every nice, well-groomed and good-looking ape would do, I sling some feces at my display and turn around. After a while, my mail-client still hasn’t had enough and writes: »Do it, be a good techmonkey, and make it PG-13 or else…« in fiery letters on the wall of my cave. Naturally, I start to worry; I mean what would you do, if your mail-program gets Old-Testamental with you? Wait till you get stoned, struck by lightning or have to sacrifice your first-born? Well, I sacrificed my first-born to get this position, so the alternatives aren’t that attractive… So here I am, writing something that will hopefully be pleasant for you I could tell you about the weather here in Berlin, about the thing that they try to sell you as summer and when you turn around you have to look for your long johns or face some trouble in future family planning, but I guess you know that story. I could tell you something about the technical stuff of the site: Did you stumble across the well-hidden [ALPHA] in our logo? In the months to come, you and I will see some changes, taking small steps to a version that satisfies us all in one way or another. You can always leave a comment or participate in the discussion board, when you have ideas, suggestions for improvement or criticism for the site or articles. That would please the powers-to-be, they whisper to me. Maybe I don’t have to sacrifice my cat to keep this job, which in return would please me and I like to be a pleased monkey. Talking of pleasure, satisfaction and stuff like that, – you see, this is what we call a subtle transition down here – this week we have two fluffy articles with just the right sprinkle of crunch on the menu. On Monday, Prime tackles a problem which haunts some of the gaming groups I know and talks en detail about social conflicts in RPGs and offers a wide range of ideas to finally put an end to these endless discussions. Did you ever wonder how racism could culminate in the World of Progress? Nogger has an answer and serves us an article about the “Killed Corps”, where a bunch of humans with an LAD-problem plot to save humanity from those damn aliens. So have fun, take care and please the monkey, won’t you? dave

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