The Black Demonships and the Master of the Black Fleet – ships and captains for Beutelschneider


The Black Demonships
The bag of this mass of demonic vessels and their horrific crews contains 25 marbles: 7 red ones, 3 green ones, 13 blue ones and 2 black ones.

Drunk on Blood: If the Black Demonships inflict damage on an enemy during a battle, they count as being fully supplied. If they do not inflict damage or if they do not regularly participate in battle, they count as being unsupplied.

…and captains

The Master of the Black Fleet
The bag of this sea sorcerer, crippled by sharks and his own ships, contains 20 marbles: 3 red ones, 4 green ones, 7 blue ones and 6 black ones.

Craving Pleasures: The Master of the Black Fleet must immediately sacrifice all coins that come into his possession, using them to pay for all manner of debaucheries to distract him from the terrible pain constantly wracking his ruined body.

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