The Snake Maid – an enchantment for D&D

28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: A poisonous servant as the 17th enchantment

The Snake Maid
This large kitchen knife has snake motifs inlaid on its handle. In combat, it counts as a dagger. An attuned character gains +1 on attacks and damage rolls with the snake maid and it causes an extra 1d6 poison damage. Creatures taking at least 1 point of poison damage from a hit with the snake maid are poisoned for 1 round (no save). On command of an attuned character, the knife transforms into a female snake person or back into knife form. The snake person performs the duties of a maidservant. She does not participate in combat and indeed immediately transforms back into a knife in threatening situations.

The Snake Maid has its origin in a mishearing. It came up during a game, when there was a market and a magical snake dagger was on offer. I misheard the German word for market (Markt) as the one for maidservant (Magd) and there she was…

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