The Haegiston Perversion – an artifact for Dark Heresy

Logo_RSPKarneval“Semantics, inquisitor? Really? Are you a member of the Ordo Logos, that you seek to censure my work on the basis of the mere word? Because you call it an ‘artifact’, a word you read unholiness and divergence from? Then call it a ‘relic’ instead! A relic of the great works of the machine, for that it is! And now… stop disturbing my circles.”
-Magos Haegiston

The Haegiston Perversion

The Haegiston Perversion is a thankfully unique product of a demented outgrowth of the Magos Biologis’ art.
The cortex and biological components of this murder-servitor – itself already a suspect class of construct – were harvested from one of the so called aspect warriors of the Eldar xenos species.

The Haegiston Perversion

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
55 45 50 40 50 25 45 50 05




Movement: 4/8/12/24
Wounds: 20

Skills: Acrobatics (Ag), Awareness (Per) +10, Climb (S) +10, Dodge (Ag) +20, Silent Move (Ag) +10.
Talents: Ambidextrous, Assassin’s Strike, Blade Master, Catfall, Combat Master, Counter Attack, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Deflect Shot, Fearless, Hard Target, Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound), Leap Up, Precise Blow, Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Step Aside, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, Wall of Steel.
Traits: Auto-stabilised, Dark Sight, Machine (4), Unnatural Agility (x2), Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Weapons: Integrated Lasgun, Power Sword
Armour: Servitor Machine-Flesh (All 4).
Gear: Internal micro-bead (to receive/relay instructions only), cortical spirit stone.
Threat Rating: Hereticus/Xenos Majoris

NB: The Ordo Logos of the Inquisition deals with heresies of language.

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