The Crystal Fleet and the Bearer of the Blue Amulet – ships and captains for Beutelschneider


The Crystal Fleet
The bag of this group of ships of living crystal contains 20 marbles: 4 green ones, 14 blue ones and 2 white ones.

Splintering and Growing: At the end of each battle, the crystal fleet heals five marbles, as new ships sprout and break off from the existing ones and wrecks regrow into complete ships.

…and captains

The Bearer of the Blue Amulet
The bag of this sorceress, connected to her ships by constantly breaking and reknitting crystal growths contains 20 marbles: 6 red ones, 4 green ones, 6 blue ones and 4 white ones.

Crystalline Might: The Bearer of the Blue Amulet may use the bag of the crystal fleet for magic challenges.

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