The God Drums of Nashzar – an artifact for D&D

Logo_RSPKarnevalA third artifact from the Freeya campaign setting (following up from the signet ring of the God-Emperor and Inkfoot’s inkwell) for use with any D&D edition, and at the same time a second artifact bound to a specific location (following up from the butcher’s altar for SLA Industries).

The God Drums of Nashzar

Giant circles devoid of any vegetation suddenly break the monotony of the grey steppes of Nashzar. These are the God Drums. Every step, however light footed, makes the air reverberate like thunder. And should the goblins start to dance on the drums, the sound will carry across all the steppe and reach into every last mountain valley of all of Nashzar, calling the Grey Hordes to war.

The God Drums allow the goblins of Nashzar to send messages across any distance within their realm.

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