Thawed Popsicles – a not quite so funny character option for Blue Planet

Logo RSP Karneval 250pxBlue Planet might not appear to be the most obvious choice when looking for resurrection in a game.

In the hardish sci-fi setting of Blue Planet, medicine and biotechnology are easily the most advanced areas, but by no means can they considered ‘magical’.

The presented setting information leaves at least an in to make resurrection part of a character’s background if not regular play.

Cold sleep capsules are the standard means of transportation for passengers – or rather human cargo – on the year long trip between star systems. Advanced as these systems may be, the forced hibernation procedures are not entirely without risks.

‘Popsicles’ is just one of the less than sensitive nicknames used by cold sleep technicians to refer to those who do not survive these procedures.

Some of those ‘popsicles’ do not stay dead permanently, though.

Even if standard revivication fails utterly, medical technology in 2199 has progressed to such levels, where even a body – and with luck the mind residing within – catastrophically damaged by faulty metabolic suppression might yet be saved. Thanks in no small part to xenosilicate-mediated gene therapy, tissue repair and replacement, such unfortunate individuals might be more resurrected than just merely being revived.

The popsicle background package seen below is meant to represent the long rehabilitation process and repeated reconstructive procedures endured by someone brought back from frozen death instead of cold sleep. It also reflects the necessary relearning of skills and memories lost to the ravages of an almost permanently fatal hibernation process.

Bureaucracy 1, Computer 2, Fast Talk 1, Medicine 1, Pharmacology 1, Psychology 1, Remote Operations 1, Sports 2

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