The Ring of the Last Wish – a wish for D&D

28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: An oddly specific request from within the team to someone else within the team “I’d like to see yandere’s Ring of the Last Wish” as the 3rd wish (requested by Melisande)

The Tale of the Last Wish
“Your third wish!”, the Djinn demanded to know.
“Wait, don’t you usually get three wishes?”
“You already took two wishes and your second one was to return everything into the state before you spoke your first one.”
“Well, then… the only thing I really wish to know is: Who am I?”
The Djinn smiled.
“How peculiar, that’s exactly what you wished for the first time.”

The Ring of the Last Wish
There once was a djinn so powerful and malevolent that even the gods trembled when his true name was spoken.
But a wise man managed to trap the djinn inside a ring, creating an artifact passed down through generations.

The ring allows its owner to wish for almost anything, but will misinterpret the wish in the most awful way possible. However, it will never undo any wish spoken by the ring’s owner. In fact, the evil spirit which resides in the ring will never change anything for the better, and taking back a wish would make the world a better place. The best thing you can hope for is that things stay as bad as they are…

Like all artifacts, the ring is in essence indestructible. According to legends, the man who created it could probably also destroy it. However, what is certain is that the destruction of the ring would free the djinn from its prison, probably resulting in an age of terror.

Djinns are not nice creatures, even if they offer three wishes. But usually that is not explored much in RPGs. This is an artifact that my party found quite early on…


  1. He, mein erster Wunsch an das Team war aber Liebestränke für Dnd! DAS wurde geflissentlich überhört………


    1. Potion of Charm Person?

      Wenn das nicht einfach nur ein knapper Gegenstand in diesem Stil sein soll, ist das gar nicht so trivial. Insofern nicht überhört, sondern nur noch nicht bearbeitet. Da fällt mir aber noch mehr, aus dem Januar ein, was auch noch nicht bearbeitet ist…


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