Goblin’s Best Friend – a glimpse of the fantasy future

When considering the close relation so often attributed to wolves and goblins, I cannot help but ask myself:

Shouldn’t goblins at some point evolve to be seen as the preeminent dog breeders of their world?

Will “goblin” then become a byword for quality (relating to dogs) instead of a byword for bloodthirsty barbarism?

Would that be a part (the foundation, even?) of the inclusion of goblins in a broader community of fantasy creatures? Or would it instead be the basis of segregating them? Are goblins being appreciated more due to their special relationship with dogs? Or are dogs being depreciated because of their special relationship with goblins? (Is the big divide between fantasy creatures going to be one between dog and cat people?)

What cultural or technological developments might this cause? Think of goblin myths in which dogs play a central part, perhaps with a dog(-like) figure as a recurring character becoming the core of an entire body of myths and legends. Think of wolf riders as the predecessors of the feared dog artillery, which proved so decisive due to its ability to move and fire faster and closer to the enemy while also being far more potent in melee than the horse-drawn artillery which it replaced.


  1. Vielen Dank für den interessanten Input. Das gefällt mir und wird in meiner Fantasyrunde bestimmt weiterverfolgt.


    1. Magst du dann davon erzählen, wenn du dazu kommst? Würde mich freuen.


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