The Riddle of Stone – a house rule for dwarves in D&D/Freeya

Riddle of Stone
On Freeya, dwarves are known for their artistry with stone. Not only dwarvish masons or jewellers, who work with the material directly, or smiths, who extract metals from ore, excel at their craft, but also alchemists and brewers, who learned how to use the earth’s secrets in their concoctions.

Freeyitic dwarves do not gain Stonecunning and Tool Proficiency, but instead learn the following:

The Riddle of Stone. You gain proficiency with one of the following artisan tools: alchemist’s supplies, brewer’s supplies, jeweler’s tools, mason’s tools and smith’s tools. You may add double your proficiency bonus when working with that tool if you are not already allowed to double your proficiency bonus from another source.

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