Gauss Shotgun Shells

Mounting an ultra dense capacitator to power magnetic accelerators in the wall of the shell, this is in fact a single shot disposable gauss weapon and not really ammunition at […]


The FEN603s is a production version of the FEN603 with an integrated silencer. The weapon is lighter and considerably more compact than a standard FEN603 mounting a silencer as an […]

Electric Dragon

The Electric Dragon is a high speed plane straight out of FEN’s aircraft division. Literally built around three huge plasma jet turbines, the Electric Dragon has an unusually heavy body […]

FEN 603c

The FEN 603c (c for compact) reduces even further the already small size of the FEN 603 automatic pistol. Cutting down on the pistol’s large clip, so that it no […]

Thermal reaction suit

Used to provoke stress reactions in wraith raiders, thermal reaction suits originally had purely medical applications. Some wraith raiders working as SLA operatives or serving with the corporate military have […]

12mm Flatline Ammunition

An upscaled version of the successful 10mm Hotline round, Flatline dispenses with the non-lethal approach of its predecessor and pumps out an absolutely deadly voltage in a single pulse. A […]

12mm Straight Ammunition

Straight rounds are 12mm rounds stabilised for greater range and accuracy. A single round of 12mm Straight ammunition costs 5c. Game Use: 12mm Straight Pistol PEN 8 DAM 4 AD […]


FEN presents the D1, a light (2.5 kg) hunting and survival rifle. Chambered for the powerful and readily available 10mm round, with a high-capacity internal magazine, integrated recoil-baffling, folding stock, […]

Scout Helmet GRS

The GRS navigation system also comes in a version for modular mounting in FEN scout helmets. In this version the helmet’s HUD is used as the only output system. In […]

Scout Helmet Sound Locator

The sound locator module is meant for use with the standard audio enhancement module for the FEN scout helmet, and allows the wearer to pin point the exact origin of […]