B/R Consumer Devices


The newest appliance coming from Blue/Red’s consumer division, the Hovercat is a small ground skimming domestic drone, acting as a mobile mousetrap, patroling buildings and hunting vermin. It can be […]

Whistle Glass-Maker

The Whistle is a desktop kitchen appliance which creates glasses. Making a new glass takes only a few seconds after which the glass will be immediately ready to use. Over […]

Fusion Assisted Cooler, Sealed

Beer is one thing. Evidence, hazardous materials, biogenetically active compounds and that finger your buddy just lost are another. And you really don’t want the two to mix, do you? […]

Fusion Assisted Beer Cooler

Grand tour, sundown over Cannibal Sector 1. From up here at least, in the perfect sniper spot amongst the ruins, and with a full load of arms and armour, sensors […]