Running Gloves

These advanced traction, full sensory contact, barefoot running shoes are designed especially for Wraith Raiders’ anatomy. Available in over 40 different hues of white, blue and lavender. 89c per pair. […]

TLM Hiking Boots

Accident- and impact-proofed using combat-grade memory materials which instantly shift between flexibility and stiffness, TLM Hiking Boots allow you to securely balance along a literal razor’s edge in full comfort […]


Taking inspiration from Wraith Raider fur, Jetstream tracksuits are made from thermoreactive biogenetic cloth that will change colour depending on temperature, with one part of the Jetstream’s offset design reacting […]


The shot-through off-white of these stockings not just makes them look like equisite stone. They are hard to the touch, only softening gradually to extended pressure. 6c a pair. Game […]

Urban Defender

Coordinated sets of pants, hooded sweater, and jacket in gray rain camouflage with quilted joint padding from the Urban Defender collection come in at 32c. Despite the martial aesthetics the […]

Hyena Top Hat

A traditional top hat with just that tiny bit of extra flourish in the form of the hyena fur patterned hat band. 12c with box. Game Use: –

Tender Ash Bodysuit

dada are playing with fire again, this time bringing just an underlying memory of Red Thermal to their unique fashion – (Science) Friction mixture. The Tender Ash is whisp thin, […]


Kayden protosilk is procured off-world by the eponymous Karma subsidiary and sold to various textile and fashion firms across the World of Progress. The going rate usually rests around 97c […]

Trident Laquer Gloves

Sporting skin tight self tightening fabric with a slick non-textured surface in shiny mono blue, Trident’s new Laquer Gloves are offered under the Racial Equality Program with additional five and […]