(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Pirates within the Storm – a pirate for CthulhuTech

Day 25: CthulhuTech

Pirates within the Storm
In the huge swathes of territory overrun by the monsters and madmen of the Rapine Storm, taking by force from those who have even the slightest bit more is a bloody way of life. Of the bands following such a path, the ones embracing the mobility offered by travelling along the rivers and other internal waterways of Asia stand the best chances of longterm survival, universally hated as they are by other survivors. The most loathsome of them even deal with the agents of the Rapine Storm themselves, trading slaves or information about communities against supplies or whatever disgusting favours the deranged disciples of the Unspeakable have to offer.

CthulhuTech and piracy might not seem the most natural fit at first, but in the apocalyptic wastelands of the Rapine Storm roving bands of river pirates little better (or – depending on point of view – even worse) than the monstrosities themselves fit in perfectly, come to think of it.

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