(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: The Black Dancer – a pirate for Earthdawn

Day 1: Earthdawn

The Black Dancer
Nimul Arkass (12th Circle t’skrang Boatman) is feared up and down the Serpent. The t’skrang river pirate draws no gratification from this infamy. In his lucid moments, he curses himself and his fate before the mark and the threads binding him to his ship suck him down into the black maelstrom once more.

The Black Dancer is river boat, horror, and powerful magical treasure all at once. She terrorizes the Serpent, consumes her bound captain, and pursues a to namegivers incomprehensible feud with the horror Ubyr.

As iconic as the troll crystal raiders may be, I always was more fond of the t’skrang river pirates – even if they nearly went by the name of Nimul Sharkass of the Black Duck. Speaking of which, there were a few other names for the horror ship I was considering, the Black Mistress and the Black Tea Picker (my secret favourite) among them.

Full game information for the Black Dancer(/Duck/Mistress/Tea Picker) is something I would have to take time for to think about more carefully. Perhaps they might follow some time later as an addendum of sorts.

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