(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Chinatsu and the Summer Dragons – a pirate for Mutant Chronicles

Day 22: Mutant Chronicles

Chinatsu and the Summer Dragons
This band of mercurian underworld pirates consists of ronin and other marginal and outcast members of Mishima’s rigid society. With the exception of their leader Chinatsu’s personal ride, their dragonbikes are all overloaded with additional members of the band clinging to the flanks of the vehicles. The ones that inevitably lose their grips during high speed maneuovres or extended chases being proven unworthy of being part of the Summer Dragons. The room gained by such losses as well as a result of battle is then filled with loot and plunder skillfully strapped and lashed to the bikes at a raid’s end.

The idea to put them on dragonbikes was the one ingredient missing to make this concept finally pop for me.

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