Ad-Blog plus: Got a sure lead on a major Hunter Sheet – a classified ad for SLA Industries

Ad-Blog plus, Day 25:

Got a sure lead on a major Hunter Sheet but need assist with the take down. Strong melee or firepower and good urban navigation skills required. 20% of combined bounty and bonusses (800c+).

So, that is a 4,000c sheet. That is necanthrope territory. Our intrepid advertiser is a human Pilot & Navigation operative, who sidelines as an investigator and spent the last few weeks tracking an extremely dangerous target. While he has some telegenic melee ability, he is nowhere close to being able to tackle whatever it is alone and he knows it. You can probably get him up to 25-30% but you cannot get him to surrender the information on the target’s location and movements, he absolutely will be part of completing this sheet.

I do wonder whether there are brokers specialising in setting up such agreements.

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
More explanation
Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

Heroines and heroes of the day:
But he cannot do it alone! (in German)


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