Ad-Blog plus: Casting Call! – a classified ad for Unknown Armies

Ad-Blog plus, Day 2:

Casting call! Looking for bi-sexual, gay, and straight men and women interested to break into the adult film industry. All types of scenes. Must be over 18 years of age. CALL 555-GDESS

A mating of Mak Attax and Sect of the Naked Godess techniques, calling out the phrase “five five five dash godess” after reading a copy of the ad will gain you a single minor charge that is subject to the same taboo as a pornomancer. This works only a single time per ad. The agent posting these ads is unknown.

Hasran: Classified ads. Unknown Armies. An ad that has been imbued with a charge a la Mak Attax? Is it maybe a casting call for a Godess video?
blut_und_glas: Godess casting? I can almost taste the sleaze.

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
More explanation
Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

Heroines and heroes of the day:
Dnalor (in German)


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