Ad-Blog plus: Props needed! – a classified ad for SLA Industries

Ad-Blog plus, Day 5:

Props needed! To send a clear but non-lethal message. 500u + bonus.

The obvious open questions are who is contracting the downtown mercenaries to send a message to whom (and why). My own idea when writing the ad was that this is a conflict between independent criminals, i.e. without directly involving SLA Industries or rival companies, the big gangs or (black market) syndicates. Besides a targeted investigation (e.g., if the non-lethal message turned into a murder for which a white BPN is issued), operatives could become involved in this as a way to make some money on the side, as part of a cover story, or by the existence of more sinister powers pulling strings in the background.

And again the article structure is proving troublesome. This time, I am asking myself whether the text above wouldn’t better fit down here under notes. Aside from that, if you now need ideas for props, we have an older article here with a few quick sketches of some (currently only available in German, though).

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
More explanation
Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

Heroines and heroes of the day:
Dnalor (in German)


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