Abenteuerskizze: Helm of the Amazon Conqueror – a magical item for D&D

Sketches for Paintings - At top, an expulsion. Below, a battle scene with an Amazon - ca. 1800
Abenteuerskizze (adventure sketch) is a German community project. Someone chooses an image and presents it in a blog post. Anyone who wants to contribute uses that image as inspiration for their own blog post.

This month’s image was selected by Tassander.

Helm of the Amazon Conqueror
If a male wearer of this helmet defeats an Amazon in combat without killing her (e.g., by successfully pinning her in a grapple or by knocking her unconscious), the defeated Amazon becomes charmed by him without receiving the benefits of either a save or of magic resistance. As long as one or more Amazons are charmed by the helmet’s wearer, all other Amazons gain a +2 bonus on any attacks againast him due to their unbridled rage.

Information on the image via Smithsonian Institute

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