A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 22: Dead of Summer – a summer day for Unknown Armies

Day 22: Unknown Armies

Dead of Summer
With air conditioning and clean water from the tap, people should not die just because of summer days getting a little hot. But they still do. It’s indignant. An outrage. In their anger, the summer dead will turn off fans and refrigeration on the hottest days, open the blinds and windows to let the heat in, or shut them to keep fresh air out. Their presence alone makes the room feel even more hot and stuffy and oppressive. They can be appeased by offerings of fresh ice cubes and flowers, or you can try and go for an exorcism… …if you can stand the heat.

I can just imagine having a haunted house as a key location in a campaign, with the residents careful to have a small tray with ice cubes set up to keep the spirit of the old woman who died there in that really hot summer a few years ago content. A little bit of not only postmodern but everyday magic.

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