A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 17: An Eventful Day – a summer day for SLA Industries

Day 17: SLA Industries

An Eventful Day
Most years, summers on Mort are barely discernible from the other seasons, but the occassional hot summer does happen and when it does, the city regularly threatens to boil over. Operatives are called in on Blue BPNs to help keep the lids on the pressure cookers that many sectors become. Routine, really.

Mort infrastructure is old. Nearly a thousand years old in parts. Some of it, time has rendered non-functional and people as well as the company forgot about it. But other parts, also forgotten, still work as intended all those decades or centuries ago. Such as the emergency thermal vents under the sector the operatives are meant to maintain public order in. Meant to provide additional heat exchange for industrial blocks by now located deeper within the city in case critical temperature levels, the vents start up on the hottest day of summer, as ambient temperature in the industrial blocks breaches the defined threshold. People near the vents are scalded. Temperature surges. The atmosphere goes from oppressive to lifethreatening. And it is obviously engineered by the company. There goes routine.

Where is the bad pun jar? I am fully willing to pay my dues.

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