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This is the last entry of my alternate d20 modern classes: The Mind. The other two entries can be found here: The Adventurer and the Warrior. The Mind is the […]


After the Warrior the Adventurer follows. I have build 3 classes and this was probably the most difficult to construct. I had the picture of Indiana Jones, Quatermain and a […]

Warrior Class D20 Modern

Why do I even bother with alternative d20 modern basic classes? Well, there is a simple answer to this. D&D 3rd edition has many incarnations. We have 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, […]

The Middenman »The … who?« Carla Klauwitz, Middenheimer Citizen The old world knows its fair share of strange cults, secret societies and conspiracies. Most of them are concerned with the […]

South East Asia Map

Jungle Chase is a travelling adventure FENG SHUI-style! Set in pre-1999 Southeast Asia, it puts the characters in the middle of an internal conflict within the secret rulers of the […]

Ale Wraith

When Ruprecht died in dat puddle of ‘is own barf, the Raven priest told us, we ‘ad to bury ‘im in a keg of “Goldmanns Best” or ‘e wudd cum […]