Fellatio F900

Once more the newest sports car from Fellatio lives up to the legendary press conference on the companies founding day, when the answer to the question ‘So what is up […]


A special design for a special market, KilCruiser presents a class of light modular ion drive spaceship. While almost all ion drive ships are built to orders, KilCruiser vessels are […]

Cassandra Steelbolt

The production model Steelbolt sports car is built around a modified engine and reactor design of a racing car. The configuration guarantees an optimum reactor output to current engine power […]


The Roadkiller is a high-class urban SUV. Its streamlined exterior hides a reinforced structure, long-life fusion energy system (60000 hours life expectancy), fully independent drive and steering systems for all […]


The Splittail, called this because of its complex twin tail-boom arrangement, is a mid range transport plane. Twin fusion engines housed in underwing nacelles provide thrust and energy for 10000 […]

Dyson Mono

The Dyson Mono, sometimes also called a Dysonwheel, is a monowheel motorcycle design, with the driver riding within the hollow – or spoke – of its single large wheel. The […]

Karma breathing mask

The Karma breathing mask was a side effect of the work on the lighter and more prominent Dendrofilter design. The breathing mask utilises some of the same biogenetic filter membranes […]


Cling is a skin friendly adhesive gel, used to fixate equipment or accessoires worn in direct contact with the body. Medical sensors and injection systems, communication gear, identification, and jewellery […]

Karma Dendrofilter

Under conditions of atmospheric contamination filter masks become a relief to some a necessity to others. A Dendrofilter makes it also a fashion statement. Karma produces the Dendrofilter as a […]

Xpress Less

Cooked up by Dark Night in an attempt to challenge the new line of Dura soft drugs, Xpress Less puts dampers on the expressiveness of a user’s face. Instead of […]