Warhammer 40K

Wordle Cerulean Cossack

… suddenly obsessing about colours (wait and see!), yennico was the one to ask „What is … a Cerulean Cossack?“. blut_und_glas threw his lot in with him, and together they […]

Editorial: Wishlist I

All new shiny toys! … Or perhaps not? For Christmas, the year‘s new releases are going to feature once more on wishlist after wishlist. Why is that, though? “New is […]

Editorial 2011 11 06

The audio commentary on “Hot Fuzz” is one of the most insightful I ever listened to. Clever, funny and honest. Everything I always wanted it to be. The last roleplaying […]

Suicide Operative

The Imperium never frowned upon ordering its subjects to their certain death. Sometimes though, such death isn't merely the somewhat unfortunate side effect of a dangerous mission, but an intended […]

Celestine Disclaimer

I actually like the new Sisters of Battle codex. Yeah, it is an extremely lazy codex, but at least it works. The new rules for St. Celestine, Kyrinov and Uriah […]


Welcome to yet another RPG Blog, If you read this, we finally managed to get D6ideas.com out in the open and advertised it enough for you to hear about it. […]