Sla Industries

Urban Defender

Coordinated sets of pants, hooded sweater, and jacket in gray rain camouflage with quilted joint padding from the Urban Defender collection come in at 32c. Despite the martial aesthetics the […]

Makeover Cosmetic Healing Drug

Makeover uses a multi-pronged approach with its different active components specifically targeted healing and regenerating skin and subdermal tissue layers, preventing and repairing scarification, and cleaning up haematoma. As a […]

Phonocle X11

Phonocle X11 The Phonocle X11 is a mobile phone integrated with an RO monocle, with a directional speaker and microphone built directly into the rim also sporting a single chippyport […]

Gauss Shotgun Shells

Mounting an ultra dense capacitator to power magnetic accelerators in the wall of the shell, this is in fact a single shot disposable gauss weapon and not really ammunition at […]


This combined finance chip scanner/laser painter is designed to be mounted on pistols, SMGs and other compact weapons for close quarters urban combat. It takes the space normally reserved for […]


This DarkNight healing drug induces ultra-rapid tissue regeneration. It is considered highly addictive and is strongly suspected to cause similar adverse mutagenic effects as Shatter upon prolonged use. DarkKnit typically […]


Signalling a constant readiness for action and alert eagerness, this full body biogenetic skin modification has your body hum with excited vibration from its outer layers with zero involvement of […]