The Ghosts of Aragon

The intermingling of science fiction, fantasy elements and socialist reality was the main reason I fell in love with the setting of The Red Star. Especially when turning one’s eyes […]

The Odnashdoi Utrom

The Odnashdoi Utrom is a faction for the The Red Star Setting of d20 modern. The Odnashdoi Utrom are a young movement dedicated to the Commonwealth, using their mastery of […]

Wordle Fibre Punk EN

… blut_und_glas' question is answered this time by Nogger, Prime, Pythia, Shadom, yennico and blut_und_glas himself. These answers create seeds for new genres and settings, new technologies, new forms of […]

GEOpards patch

A military unit for Blue Planet v2 The GEOpards, formally 4th Special Forces Company, GEO Peacekeeping Force, are a GEO military unit, and one of five "Blue Berets" companies deployed […]

Killed Corps

The Killed Corps A conspiracy to save humanity in the World of Progress The Killed Corps is an NPC faction for SLA Industries which may be used as antagonists, allies […]