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Editorial: Wishlist I

All new shiny toys! … Or perhaps not? For Christmas, the year‘s new releases are going to feature once more on wishlist after wishlist. Why is that, though? “New is […]

The Ghosts of Aragon

The intermingling of science fiction, fantasy elements and socialist reality was the main reason I fell in love with the setting of The Red Star. Especially when turning one’s eyes […]

Editorial: What to play?

Christmas and the holiday season are around the corner again and thus the beginning of the time traditionally spent inside, gaming. In contrast to the summer month there are fewer […]


This is the last entry of my alternate d20 modern classes: The Mind. The other two entries can be found here: The Adventurer and the Warrior. The Mind is the […]

The Odnashdoi Utrom

The Odnashdoi Utrom is a faction for the The Red Star Setting of d20 modern. The Odnashdoi Utrom are a young movement dedicated to the Commonwealth, using their mastery of […]


After the Warrior the Adventurer follows. I have build 3 classes and this was probably the most difficult to construct. I had the picture of Indiana Jones, Quatermain and a […]

Red Star Infantry Weapons

The Red Star campaign setting gives a rundown on the iconic weapons used in the comics – from the ubiquitous hook to Kyuzo’s hailer and Makita’s SWORD, and even going […]

Hydra Variants

The Red Star Campaign Setting describes the Hydra Class superkrawls as cityblock sized modular fighting vehicles, which are individually assembled in vastly different variants to perform a variety of battlefield […]