Juju Train

The Juju is meant as a low cost alternative to the gauss powered hypersonic long distance bullet trains used on Mort and other planets of the World of Progress. Coasting […]

Electric Dragon

The Electric Dragon is a high speed plane straight out of FEN’s aircraft division. Literally built around three huge plasma jet turbines, the Electric Dragon has an unusually heavy body […]


The Hector Missile/Rocket is a mobile launch platform based on the Hector. It can carry five guided missiles or up to twenty dumb-fire rockets in separate launch tubes installed on […]


The Hector Mobile Artillery is a self propelled gun variant of BLA’s successful Hector design. Unconventional for an artillery vehicle, the Hector-MA mounts two guns on an automated rear turret. […]


The Hector Support is another variant of the Hector six-wheeled combat vehicle. The vehicle features light structural reinforcement to the front hull, with the automated defence turret being absent. The […]

Hector Protector

The Hector P is a light tank based on the same six-wheeled chassis as the Hector A infantry carrier. The armour, especially on the front, is upgraded and the ball-turret […]

Alpha Motors Albus

The Albus is a basic compact commuter car. Small and secure it is the perfect choice for day-to-day travel within crowded major urban centres. The on-board reactor provides 9000 hours […]

Alpha Motors Almond

The Almond delivers a luxury car in a compact package. With creature comforts usually only seen in much larger cars, the Almond combines optimised inner city mobility with a luxurious […]

Alpha Motors Aras

The Aras is a compact sports car by Alpha Motors. Small, fast, manoeuvrable the Aras is perfect for urban conglomerates with a fully developed personal vehicle infrastructure, such as Uptown […]

Tek Trex Ovoid

Tek Trex’ Ovoid design is a two man scout vehicle with advanced hybrid locomotion. Four wheels are mounted – reminiscent of roller skates – at the end of each of […]