Biogenetic Aerosol

Biogenetically created aeroplankton is a novel way of drug delivery. Previous limitations to what substances could be administered via inhalation seem now a thing of the past. The tiny floating […]

Muscle activated syringe

Placed along select muscle groups, this injection unit is triggered and powered by regular body movement. Mercy designers’ declared aim was to provide a simple device for local delivery of […]

Electric syringe

Rebound does away with needles and compressed air cartridges and the constant need for fiddling and refilling in their new electric syringe. Using a precisely modulated current, the electric syringe […]

Thermal reaction suit

Used to provoke stress reactions in wraith raiders, thermal reaction suits originally had purely medical applications. Some wraith raiders working as SLA operatives or serving with the corporate military have […]

External Heart

It may not be made of stone, but high-stress ceramics and impact resistant composites come pretty close. The flat convex disc can be glued or stapled to a patient’s chest […]


This two component biogenetic computer is used to record vital signs and body functions. It consists of a central monitoring cluster integrated with the regulatory centres of the brain and […]

Stormer Survival Pod

Some conditions are too serious for even a stormer’s powerful regenerative capabilities. Severe full-body burns, multiple traumatic amputations, critical organ failure, large scale nerve damage, caused by injuries, poisons, or […]


The SLA-mmer is an emergency drug delivery system. It consists of two parts, an injection unit held in place by a large adhesive patch and an easy to use trigger […]

Spinal Injection Rig

The Spinal Injection Rig takes the outward appearance of a flexible metallic strip attached to the users back. It runs from lower back all the way up to the neck. […]

Injection Collar

By injecting drugs directly into the jugular the time-to-effect can be improved, but safety concerns prevent the wide ranging employment of this method. Boopa’s Injection Collar solves these issues. It […]