Inhaler-port Gasmask

Green Systems have updated their standard corrosion-resistant gasmask design with the incorporation of a sealed port for the application of inhaled pharmaceuticals without removing the mask or compromising its integrity. […]

Edward Feedtubes

The business end of Edward Feedtubes consists of a set of three tentacle-like tubes worn worn along the forearm but which can extend over the back of the user’s hand […]

Protein Cooker

This pocket-size portable stove is sized to receive standard survival and emergency ration protein bars and turn them into something at least reminiscient of a hot meal within less than […]

Haemo Explosive

Never before could the expression “an explosion of gore” taken quite as literal. An explosive compound is piggy-backed onto modified red blood cells, allowing the covert transportation of explosives not […]


The SenseLine keeps seeing and being seen at an arm’s length. This forearm by lauded biogenetics designer Angel Fisher sports a row of four fully functional eyes and eyelids along […]


A stomp from the past, these heavy-duty cybernetic leg prosthetics from the heyday of the Chrome Warrior era are being reissued by Pablo Cybernetics, a Mort based soft company borrowing […]

Re! Gum

The very subdued, fresh, summery taste of a strip of Re! chewing gum would be nice enough, but the trace psychoactives add a sense of dejá-vu to the experience which […]


This biogenetic update to the brainstem provides vastly improved motor control and coordination, especially in users of multi-limb bodies. A neurobridge costs 2600c. Game Use: Ambidexterity Full conscious control over […]


Even for operatives there are heavily enforced restriction on the procurement, possession and use of explosives and thermal devices – and for good reason, given the pecularities of the old, […]

Sniper Drone

Tek Trex’ Sniper Drone is based on their successful Scarab design, although the addition of a full scale 10mm rifle unbalanced the drone, slowing it down and rendering it unable […]