12.7 mm P Underbarrel Launcher

Inspired by the “Killshot” Circuit show, Crateris’ series of auxilliary firepower attachments – of which the 12.7 mm pistol cartridge one is the first and lightest – adds the capability […]

Quick Sight

The large free holographic projection output (tri-lens video input) of this weapon sight allows a shooter to benefit even on quick reaction shots which would leave little room to use […]

Disposable Assault Rifle

A whole class of weapons, all with barely any even cosmetic differences to the trendsetter, the Kommissar DAR by Czarevna Arms, disposable assault rifles come as a ready to use […]

DN27 40mm Launcher

The DN27 is a stand-alone gauss operated grenade launcher for standard 40mm grenades. The weapon features a simple composite construction frame housing its electro-magnetic firing mechanism and is fed from […]

GA55 Accurised Finisher

The GA55 is a dedicated marksman’s weapon based on General Armaments’ Finisher 10mm assault rifle. Manufactured to even tighter tolerances and sporting a new barrel to go with the selective […]

Thresher Sniper Cannon

A variant of the “standard” Thresher Cannon, the sniper-type does away with the brutal automatic rate of fire of the assault version and the accompanying advanced recoil baffling for a […]

Filth Caster

Originally a homebuilt spring or elastic band powered weapon of Lower Downtown swamplands characterised by its use of a movable cup within its large bore barrel enabling the use of […]

Prism Shot

These 10ga shotgun shells produce a cloud of crystalline prismatic shards. Too small and light to cause significant damage, the shards, when hit by a laser beam such as one […]

Finance Homer Smart Shell

Firepower trumps finance power. Every time. But no time more than when you load your shotgun with these. Finance Homer Smart Shells are the size of full length 10ga shotgun […]

Tek Trex Miniglove

The Tek Trex Miniglove is an armoured gauntlet and vambrace, available for both left- and right-handed users, with an integrated pair of 5mm rotating barrel submachineguns, similar to the weapons […]