Grippa Mountain Boots

Grippa presents their next collection in all new “Planetary” patterns, emulating iconic mountains and ranges from all over the World of Progress. They retain and refine all the high quality […]

Centrum Sneakers

With the change to all-living construction, the new Centrum model practically oozes advanced materials and design solutions, including active traction, reflexive fit, and metabolic self-cleaning. A pair of Centrums cost […]

La Grande Boots

These days, when you say ‘boots’, you have to say ‘La Grande’. A pair of genuine La Grande boots costs 31c. Game Use: –

Stuart Stockings

Stuart offers supra sheer thigh-highs of excellent quality in close to a hundred hues. Cost is 1c a pair. Game Use: –

Essentia Streamers

The newest streamers by Essentia loop back from the temples in two translucent arcs streaming out to exceptional length around the wearer. Essentia streamers cost 12c. Game Use: –

Oh Ko Hardstreamer

Oh Ko’s Hardstreamer is a single, broad, and only slightly flexible streamer. Like other streamer headgear it is affixed either to a helmet or to a lightweight reinforced headband, and […]


Blurring the lines between wear and ware, the Cy-String is both an article of underware and a cyberwear implant. Three strategically placed mounting points do away with any need for […]

Savage Loincloth

The Savage captures the image of the noble primitive with its simple cut and uncoloured off-white DNA optimised coarse silk weave. One of these loincloths costs 16c. Game Use: –

A-Wear Jump Suit

The sensory-equivalent cells interwoven in this one piece coverall are amped to a hairline trigger level. As environmental stimuli change the suit reacts by reflexively activating contractile fibres running its […]

Stiletto Sheath

An accessoire to Hind X’s Combatheels the Stiletto Sheath de-weaponises the cutting edge footwear by encasing their piercing heel blades in colour coordinated ceramic shells. Rubberised tips lend a softer […]