The Craniolith is Scourge’s first major release since being spun-off from Beyond the Pale. A literal desktop computer, its stylised human skull shape makes it a stand-out design piece to […]

Pamila Perpetrator

Pamila’s Perpetrator is the latest in aggressive fashion software, cutting through questionable style choices like a quality ceramic blade through so many layers of cheap fabric. Pamila Perpetrator costs 59c. […]


The K23 is a secure closed channel video data sharing and camera control system for operative use. Using its two chippy ports, it can be connected to a scout helmet […]

Remote War Heroism

Under their Remote War Heroism programme, the Ministry of War offers live interactive participation in war world operations, ranging from air time on entertainment or communication channels, control of helmet […]


D-Bounce is an anti-tracing program used by DarkNight infiltrators when trying to access sensitive information on SLA Industries computer systems. It is meant to surpress notifications about D-Notices going up […]

Second Sight

Second Sight is a predictory visual systems backup RO software application. In case of sudden failure of electronic imaging and image enhancement systems, Second Sight will use the last available […]

PSick Sigil

The PSick Sigil is an upgraded version of Heroes Inc.’s standard Sigil implant nanocomputer. It retains the impressive interface functionality of the standard model and adds combat rated intrusion features, […]


SculptorStudio is an advanced 3D-modelling and rapid prototyping software suite with special features geared towards structural and artistic designs in a broad range of and potentially using multiple materials but […]

3rd Lense

The 3rd Lense is an intelligent camera system co-opting the user’s own eyes for video capture. The system is mounted on the forehead using an elastic band or clamps for […]

Architect’s Eyes

These reality overlay glasses include a dedicated processor unit and other firmware to run complex architectural simulations in tv-realistic quality. Architect’s Eyes let you see your construction projects as part […]