Nanite Biosampler

These medical nano machines selectively collect individual target cells, enabling non-invasive biopsies of practically any site or tissue to be performed. Priced at 7c per vial, without ancillaries. Game Use: […]

Cellular Tattoo

A step down to the next level from your common DNA tattoo, these nano-scale tattoos are imprinted on the membranes of individual cells, becoming fully discernible only when using imaging […]

Pasha Doormat

Quality self-cleaning biogenetic doormats from Pasha with micro-rooting technology to secure them against being swept away by wind or flooding, while reverse colour adaptation will make them assume a contrasting […]


The Sputum Spyplane is a supersonic clandestine reconnaissance aircraft designed, built and operated by the SRSO, the Strategic Reconnaissance Services Organisation, on behalf of SLA Industries. The SRSO then provides […]

Thermo Web

Webbing with integrated heating (running off 500 hours of internal power) allows for a style conscious minimisation of protective clothing and ensures a full and accessible tactical load at the […]

K’n’th Cola

Sweet enough that you can almost feel the sugar crunching between your teeth as your drink, and only slightly less caffeinated. Sold in half litre cans for 1u or two […]


Taking inspiration from Wraith Raider fur, Jetstream tracksuits are made from thermoreactive biogenetic cloth that will change colour depending on temperature, with one part of the Jetstream’s offset design reacting […]


The shot-through off-white of these stockings not just makes them look like equisite stone. They are hard to the touch, only softening gradually to extended pressure. 6c a pair. Game […]

Urban Defender

Coordinated sets of pants, hooded sweater, and jacket in gray rain camouflage with quilted joint padding from the Urban Defender collection come in at 32c. Despite the martial aesthetics the […]

Makeover Cosmetic Healing Drug

Makeover uses a multi-pronged approach with its different active components specifically targeted healing and regenerating skin and subdermal tissue layers, preventing and repairing scarification, and cleaning up haematoma. As a […]