D6 Atlas Page 9

Another month, another page: This time we are looking at a frist draft of a redraft of a reimagining of an old homebrew setting idea that some years ago started […]

Seelenfaenger Overland

Hi there and welcome to the second page of The D6 Atlas. This one is even a double page if you want. This map is available as with or without […]

The Brigades of Aragon

The Reds may have access to their hook-armed infantry, skyfurnaces, and military-industrial sorceresses, but the contranationalists live up to that measure in most regards. Due to their strong agricultural tradition […]

The Ghosts of Aragon

The intermingling of science fiction, fantasy elements and socialist reality was the main reason I fell in love with the setting of The Red Star. Especially when turning one’s eyes […]

The Middenman »The … who?« Carla Klauwitz, Middenheimer Citizen The old world knows its fair share of strange cults, secret societies and conspiracies. Most of them are concerned with the […]