Editorial October

Hooray, it's Saturday night and I am sitting here I'm trying to pull the topic for an editorial of my head. Ideas, I have plenty, but nothing want to be […]

South East Asia Map

Jungle Chase is a travelling adventure FENG SHUI-style! Set in pre-1999 Southeast Asia, it puts the characters in the middle of an internal conflict within the secret rulers of the […]

Hi, it's me again, Nogger. This is the first editorial of our second month! Which is in itself big news, but me thinks even bigger news is that… Ah no, […]

d6ideas dice1

Oh, it's saturday already? Sometimes its scary how fast time passes. It feels like I just finished editing last weeks articles and now its already time to write the next […]

Killed Corps

The Killed Corps A conspiracy to save humanity in the World of Progress The Killed Corps is an NPC faction for SLA Industries which may be used as antagonists, allies […]

North by Northwest movie trailer screenshot_11

This article is a bit different as it doesn't focus on a single tool or even system but looks at a broader issue in gaming, social interaction. No, I don’t […]


How to Gen Con, part I: What is Gen Con? Coming back from the recent 44th Gen Con, the question arose if we could write something for D6ideas about the […]