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d6ideas dice2Hi, it's me again, Nogger.
This is the first editorial of our second month! Which is in itself big news, but me thinks even bigger news is that… Ah no, I'm not gonna spoil it. Let's just say we have acquired some really cool artwork for certain future articles. You'll find out soon…
Furthermore, Red Brick has given us permission to advertise articles related to their systems in their official forum and sirdoom, author for Shadowrun and Space Gothic has honored us with an article in his blog. Obviously, we are on the right track with our concept.

So, what are we up to this week?

On Monday, yours truly, Nogger, will give you the second part of the German Ambrosius Biotechnology article for Shadowrun 4.

On Thursday, we will follow up with a bilingual article by Yandere providing a neat houserule for the Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40K Tabletop.

And by the way, we finally managed to get Dr.Gonzo's Ale Wraithfor Warhammer Fantasy back online.

Last but not lease, I want to turn your attention towards Krath's illustration for last week's The Knightly Charge. I think she did really great work on our first piece of self-drawn artwork published.

Have fun reading,

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